What to expect in season 7 of ​The Walking Dead

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What to expect in season 7 of ​The Walking Dead

Christian De Guzman, Senior

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AMC’s The Walking Dead left season six with a major cliffhanger that disappointed many fans. Rick and his crew are surrounded at Hilltop by the group known as Saviors. Rick’s group is disarmed and forced onto their knees and the leader of the Saviors comes out of an RV.
The episode ended with the show’s new villain, Negan, playing a small game of eenie-meenie-minie-moe and choosing which one of Rick’s members will die. He then stops and chooses his victim and swings his bat, wrapped in barbed wire, which he nicknames Lucille. While the screen started to fade to black after the strike, cries are heard leaving fans to speculate who the poor member of the group was chosen to die.
According to the comic, Glenn was originally the one to be chosen and brutally beaten to death by Negan.
Referring to the comic, Paul Tassi from Forbes states that, “After Negan has a big chunk of the group captured, he has a hard time deciding which of them to kill in order to make an example out of them so he eenie-meenie-minie-moes and lands on Glenn.” There is a real possibly the the victim will be Glenn.
Another prediction of who is going to get chosen is the fan-favorite, Daryl Dixon. Paul Tassi also states that, “Far and away, he’s the most beloved character on the show by the majority of the fan base, and killing him would not just be shocking, it would be scarring beyond belief.
So much that it might actually cripple the show’s fan base itself, given how upset people would be about it.”
There are other candidates for the situation but Glenn and Daryl are the highly probably victims.
Michelle Regalado from Cheatsheet states that, “​The Walking Dead’s seventh season will pick up immediately after the Season six finale cliffhanger – which means audiences will not be forced to wait any longer to find out who the unlucky one is the receiving end of Lucille.”
Season seven will air on AMC on October 23, 2016 at 6:00 Pacific Time.

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