Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Natalie Ceballos, Junior

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Brace yourselves for the most intense Halloween event in Los Angeles, Southern California created by the sickest and most twisted minds in horror.
Universal Studios brings new attractions starting from The Walking Dead leading to mazes like American Horror Story and Krampus.
As people walk into Universal Studios, they need to be prepared to fight for their survival as they are confronted by a real-life experiences from The Purge. Following the footsteps of the human survivors as they battle their way through nightmarish iconic landscapes.
Then guest can step into the twisted world of American Horror Story, starting with it’s first season, unfortunate souls trapped within the
murder house. Then join the circus of fun as men and women fight to control the psychotic freaks. Finally, check into the hotel, a torture chamber of murder and mayhem.
Hell then comes to Haddenfield, as Michael Myers comes home, but the night of nightmares still is not over.
Get ready to witness The Exorcist, a little girl possessed by an unholy spirit or possibly the demon himself. The demon knows you are coming. Stay on the path of righteousness and fear the darkness.
Right when people thought the situation could not get any worse, they will become prey to demented killers who were never brought to justice. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze, the Sawyers are ready to take the slaughter to an entirely different level.
Finally in the Freddy vs. Jason maze, an epic battle between Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from Friday the 13th takes place in an epic battle of horror.
This year’s event features 7 all new terrifying new mazes based on the most frightening films and television shows ever.
Depending on what day people attend, they can save up to twenty dollars on their ticket. Prices for tickets can go from as much as 84 dollars to 69 if they go on “killer deal nights.”

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