The Battle of the Tracks Game Rowland vs. Nogales


Photograph by Andrew G.

Marisol Testa, Sophomore

The Nogales football team had their annual battle of the tracks game against the Rowland Raiders which took place on September 30th at the Jack Jolley Stadium.
The game was intense and the audience was on edge to see who would win the marvelous trophy.
Nogales Nobles took an early head start and continued scoring utill the very end leaving the score at 35-0.
One of the nobles, sophomore Jasmin Romero, said “The battle of the tracks was an amazing game and I was able to reunite with some of my friends that I had not seen in a while.”
During half time everyone got a chance to see the amazing performance by the Noble Regiment.
At the ending of the game, every player from both teams showed wonderful sportsmanship as they came together in the middle of the field to tell each other “good game.”
Overall the battle of the tracks was a night to remember from everyone involved, the Nogales Nobles kept the trophy home and the streak alive for the second year in a row.