The Nogales Nobles Vs. The Duarte Falcons


Photograph by Andrew G.

Ke’Ara Butler, Senior

On October 28, 2016 the Nogales Nobles varsity football team had their homecoming game against The Duarte Falcons at Nogales. The game was full of success not only because the boys took a win, but also because the crowd went wild throughout the whole game.
The Nobles won the coin toss and had the privilege of the kick off. The game started slow for the Nobles, Duarte scored the first and the second touchdown in the second quarter leaving the score 12-0 by half time.
The game began to intensify during the third quarter, Senior quarterback, #4 Matthew Olguin, scored the Noble’s first seven points. The Nobles came back and caught up during the third quarter with a score of 14-13. The Falcons feeling under pressure called for a time-out with only five minutes and twenty-five seconds to go in order to strategize a new plan.
Junior #20, Andrew Carrazco scored the final touch down leaving the Nobles with a score of 28-14 making them take the win and finish the season with a total of nine wins and one loss.
Senior Captain #64 Joe Mantilla said, “It was a really good game between both teams. In the first half we were not playing as well as we usually are. There was little to no communication. I feel like we are the better team and I am thankful we came out with a win and
even though I am out with a broken ankle I am excited to watch them continue on.”
This season for the Nobles was a great success and the Nogales staff and students are excited and eager to cheer them on during CIF play-offs.