Human Head Transplant Set in December

Samantha Acevedo, Junior

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Never in the entirety of human science history has a human head transplant been successful, but Italian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero and his recruited assistant surgeon Xiaoping Ren are attempting to make their mark by contributing their scientific knowledge to this procedure..
30 year old Russian, Valery Spiridonov, is a terminally ill patient who suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease. This disease deteriorates the motor neurons responsible for the signals sent to the nervous central system of the muscles.
Spiridonov is eager to go on with this surgery, knowing that he is an essential part of this major scientific event.
“When I realized that I could participate in something really big and important, I had no doubt left in my mind and started to work in this direction,” explains Spiridonov.
Both the patient Valery Spiridonov and the doctors assigned to this case are hopeful. There is a huge possibility that the procedure will go horribly wrong. The patient, Valery Spiridonov, is fully aware of the risks and is eager to get the surgery. “According to Canavero’s calculations, if everything goes to plan, two years is the time frame needed.”
Spiridonov’s head will be cooled in less than 15 degree Celsius, allowing Surgeons Ren, Canavero, and their team of experts to perform the surgery in 36 rigorous hours.
The surgery will occur mid to late December this year, costing $20 million.

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