Poetry Club to Compete in Slam

Jennifer Morales, Junior

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In the upcoming month of April, the Poetry Club will have the opportunity to compete in an intense poetry slam.

The poetry slam is a competition where students use elimination rounds for the reading or performance of poetry. The poets perform their work and are then rated by a panel of judges.

The students of Nogales were able to observe the performance, organized by the program of GetLit players, poets with experience that visited Nogales to perform a Blitz on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 in the Gym.

The GetLit program helped guide the poetry club members take a look at a live performance before competing in one themselves.

A Blitz is a form of poetry containing short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow.
Every student has an interpretation of what poetry is like and the different points of view created by the expression and tone of each poems.

President of the Poetry Club, Samantha Muñoz, who has much experience in the club, expresses, “The idea of being able to turn my emotions into written words and to be able to transfer that feeling onto paper, to make it something real and something physical, gives me a sense of accomplishment, a purpose, and a way to vent.”

This year, the poetry club has a chance to win five hundred dollars. There is also a prize given for the best original poem. The teacher in charge of the club, Ms. Garcia, wants to inform everyone, “I hope this show promotes the poetry club and the spoken word.”

Make sure to come support the poetry club as they actively participate in a poetry slam on the 26th and 27th of April in the Mack PAce Pavilion, Gym.

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