Gun control and the need for change

Alexis Diaz De Leon, Senior

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Within the past two months, there have been 18 school shootings. This does not even begin to cover the threats that several schools have received from students and adults, which causes even more mayhem.
During the middle of February, a Florida high school, had a tragic shooting.

On February 14, 17 people were murdered and 15 were injured due to this horrific event at majority Stoneman Douglas High School .

Many people around the world are questioning what the problem is and at this point the answer is quite obvious: stricter gun control laws.

In certain states, like Florida and Virginia, it is extremely easy to walk out of a gun shop with a semi-automatic weapon in their hands. As long as a person does not have a criminal record, they are able to buy a gun.

Senior, Celeste Montanez, thinks the laws should be more conservative: “There should be much stricter gun laws, especially after the shooting in Florida. Who knows when a tragedy like this will happen again and it needs to be prevented.”

Recently, President Donald Trump, stated that teachers should have guns to protect themselves and students. Min Mumow, English teacher, who arms her students with the power of literature is against the idea: “There are two many egotistical errors. You could worry about hurting a student, where to store it and about theft.

Marina Maldonado, Senior, said, “It is terrible because brass knuckles are illegal and guns aren’t, yet I’ve never seen a mass killing of brass knuckles. Our president is down to give teachers guns, which will just end up killing more kids.”

Trump also repealed a law that would restrict people with mental issues to purchase a gun. Those who have violent tendencies can easily purchase a weapon.

This problem is not even limited to school shootings. There have been plenty of mass shootings and other gun related tragedies. Something must be done to prevent this.

Background checks and restrictions need to be made, before more people die unnecessarily. Outlawing them would be even better.

People are tired of waking up and seeing all the tragic deaths across the nation due to guns.

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