HOSA Competitors’ Preparation For Upcoming Student Leadership Conference

HOSA Competitors’ Preparation For Upcoming Student Leadership Conference

Victoria Herrera, Senior

Last month, the competing members of the Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA) club recently got a taste of the upcoming State Leadership Conference (SLC) in April.

On March 14, 2018, the HOSA club members, who are competing at the State Leadership Conference, took a multiple choice knowledge test to determine their state ranking.

According to Melanie Montgomery, the advisor of the HOSA club, the students “had been studying diligently for months. The next part of the competition will take part at the Cal HOSA State Leadership conference in Anaheim, California starting on April 5th. We wish our State Leadership Team luck.”

Depending on what category the students competed in, they were required to take the written exam on the 14th of March and possibly a practical examination during the trip in April.

The competitors had the option of choosing their topic of interest, such as Sports Medicine, Behavioral Health, or Medical Terminology.

However, the categories do not entail the same requirements nor level of difficulty.

For instance, the Medical Terminology examination, which is notoriously known to be the most difficult category, requires students to take a one hundred question knowledge test based on the thousands of terms in their textbook.

According to Bryanna Castillo, sophomore, “The HOSA exam for Medical Terminology was not as hard as I expected it to be. If I studied more I think I could have done better, but I’ll just try harder next year. Over all it was a challenging and intimidating experience.”

On the other hand, the Sports Medicine category has two parts, the fifty question knowledge test and a practical, which tests students’ abilities to bandage and assess different injuries.

Competing for any category for the HOSA State Leadership Conference is very difficult, since it demands competitors to spend a majority of their time studying independently. Generally, any piece of information in the designated textbook is fair game.

The competing members are anxious to find out their state rank with only a few weeks left until the State Leadership Conference in Anaheim.