Two dead and one injured in Maryland school shooting

Alexis Diaz De Leon, Senior

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Recently, another school shooting took place in Lexington Park, Maryland.

On March 20, 2018, Great Mills High School, suffered an attack in which two students were killed and one student was injured. The shooter himself died during the incident.

16 year old Jaelynn Willey, Sophmore, was one of the victims who had been shot in the head by 17 year old gunman, Austin Rollins. Investigators later found out that this was a planned attack as Willey had ended a relationship with Austin.

Students tried raising money to save Jaelynn’s life, but unfortunately, it was too late as she was declared brain dead and would be later taken off life support. Willey ended up passing on March 22, 2018.

Her mother, Melissa Willey, commented on her daughters passing, “On Tuesday, our lives changed completely and totally forever. My daughter was hurt by a boy who shot her in the head and took everything from our lives.”

In Rollin’s fit of rage, he harmed a bystander, 14 year old Desmond Barnes, who was shot in the thigh but was able to escape with just that injury and has already been released from the hospital.

Rollins was stopped quickly by Deputy Blaine Gaskill, who is also a SWAT team member, by disabling him and shooting the student. Investigators are still unsure if Deputy Gaskill, was the cause of Austin’s death or if the adolescent had ended his own life.

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, commented on the situation, “We need more than prayers, we got to take action. We got one of the the most aggressive school safety plans in America that we introduced a few years ago. We’ve got to take action. We’re going to try to get something done in Annapolis.”

Some questions still remain unanswered about the situation that occured. The school is now hiring more security to make it a safer environment for the students.

Ever since the incident, it has given people more of a reason to march for their safety and a desire for more gun control. Not only students are participating, but so are teachers in eastern states.

The hashtag “march for our lives” has been trending on social media since the Parkland shooting. Students are demanding a change and they will not stop until it happens.

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