Shooting at YouTube headquarters

Delaida Rodriguez, Sophomore

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On April 3, 2018, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, legally bought a handgun and shot multiple people at the YouTube Headquarters, in Los Angeles.

Her motives for the shooting were suspected as having anger towards YouTube’s new policies on videos being compensated differently, like her videos being demonetized. She was also allegedly connected to one of the victims that she shot. After injuring four others, she took her own life.

The victims involved are either in fair or critical condition. One victim was injured for attempting to run away from the scene.

On Wednesday, April 4th, after the shooting, Chief Executive of Alphabet Inc’s Google, Sundar Pichai, remarked, “There are no words to describe the tragedy. Susan Wojcicki and I are focused on supporting our employees and the YouTube community through this difficult time.”

Police have declined to comment on the incident. It is now the fourth month of the year and the nation has already had many traumatizing incidents that have occurred.

YouTube Employee, Vadim Lavrusik, who experienced the shooting with fellow workers, commented, “It was a surprise, because you don’t really expect something like that. I heard some pops, I obviously thought it was balloons, but then I thought that doesn’t make sense, not today. Then I heard more shots and that’s when everyone started scrambling for the door.”

Until then, thoughts and prayers are going out to the families of the victims.

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