Students Go Wild for Clash of the Classes

Samantha Acevedo, Junior

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Nogales High School’s very first annual Clash of the Classes rally filled the stands with both class pride and roaring cheers.

On March 23rd, 2018, ASB held the 7:00 pm night rally on the Friday before spring break, setting up the time frame in order to end the week with school spirit. Students from all 4 classes contributed by rooting on their fellow classmates that were participating in the activities.

Throughout the night rally, there were a variety of games, such as dodgeball, tug of war, hungry hungry hippos, and an obstacle course.

Students participating in the tug of war game represented their class by wearing their class colors.

The seniors and sophomores competed in an intense game of dodgeball, riling up the crowd even more throughout the night.
Hungry hungry hippos consisted of two players from each class, one holding a bucket in order to capture balls scattered on the floor. The player had to push their teammate, who were lying on the skateboards, catching the balls.

It seemed that the obstacle course was the most challenging in the athletic aspect, due to the fact students had to run back and forth attempting to gain speed, while throwing basketballs, tossing footballs, and doing footwork.

Their achievements throughout games, placed juniors at last place, sophomores at 3rd, freshmen at 2nd, and seniors front and center in 1st place.

Many students celebrated not only the win, but school spirit. Junior, Daniel Provido, prioritized school spirit and its importance stating, “We definitely need more school spirit, we were lacking it, but the next time around we’ll come back with more.”

Overall, the rally was a success for students and staff who helped set up. One student in particular, senior, Isaiah Tennell, pointed out, “Thank you to staff and students who set up the rally. It was an honor to be able to participate.”

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