Nogales final safety changes

Nogales final safety changes

Kimberly Avalos, Freshman

Nogales High School will be undergoing changes this year due to recent safety concerns from the students, parents, and staff.

The Nogales High School will have installations of cameras throughout summer before the 2018-2019 fall school year starts.

Lately, there have been alarming events happening on or around school campuses all over the world. These incidents have school administrators rethinking how to keep the students safe from any threats in and outside school gates.

As of now, there are 16 cameras installed throughout Nogales. By summertime, an additional 38 cameras , 54 total, will be installed around campus to increase monitored activity.

In addition to the new cameras, there is now an armed Deputy, Mr.Nava, that is assigned to this campus. He is able to immediately react to any suspicious activity that is caught on camera or is responded to him. In case of an emergency, any situation can be quickly resolved now that there is security patrolling.

Simply having sheriff vehicles outside of the school can deter threats. Mr. Nasouf, school principal, states, “Seeing a police car outside, can scare away any unwanted visitors before they even reach the school.”

Nogales is also in the process of installing a new system for visitors called “Lobbyguard”. Its purpose is to keep students safe from outside threats such as sexual predators and those with a criminal background from finding their way inside school grounds. This computer will require a driver’s license to be scanned and a simple background check will be done for all non staff on campus.

Mr.Nasouf has also taken measures to inform students about their safety by holding a school assembly.

Nasouf is making it his priority to create the best learning environment for students while protecting his staff as well. He explains, “All of these measures are to ensure the safety of the students and staff. It is important in any aspect of society that we are safe.”

Safety is extremely important in making Nogales High School a healthy peace for all students.

These changes are a step in making this campus a better place where students no longer have to worry about safety-related issues.