College signing day at Nogales High School celebrates 120 students attend a 4 year university

College signing day at Nogales High School celebrates 120 students attend a 4 year university

Christine De La Roca, Senior

Towards the end of April, Nogales High School, held its annual College Signing Day to show appreciation to the seniors who have been accepted to a four year university.

On April 26, 120 students who were accepted to attend a four year college were invited to participate in this event in the multipurpose room. This luncheon recognized those who accomplished their goals of being able to attend a higher learning institution.

In order for the students to sign up and be a part of this affair, they needed to show evidence of either an email or acceptance letter from a university. Each student that got accepted received a shirt that stated, “Accepted to College” and had the opportunity to wear this shirt to show everyone on campus their accomplishments.

Every single individual was called up to the stage, where they received a certificate honoring them for their hard work, during their four years at Nogales. They also got the opportunity to take pictures with posters that stated which college they were going to commit to attending.

Esmeralda Rivera, senior, states, “I think this event is amazing because it honors the people being accepted into a 4 year college and it makes me feel special and proud of all my accomplishments.”

Not only does the event show appreciation to those who have been accepted to college, but it also encourages those who are trying to obtain the same goal in the future.

This event is also a huge turning point for some students because they finally made the decision of where they want to go after high school. Sadi Perez, senior, expressed, “Being accepted into college makes me feel really excited to start a new chapter in my life. I feel relieved now because picking which college to go to was stressful and a really hard decision to make.”

The event itself is also a moment of realization for some students, because they are close to ending a chapter in their lives and starting a new one.