Spectacular show given by nogales choir who hosted their annual lu’au

Spectacular show given by nogales choir who hosted their annual lu’au

Alexis Diaz De Leon, Senior

Last month, the Nogales Choir conducted its annual Choir Lu’au show.

On april 28, 2018, the event showcased the Nogales choir who sang and danced to traditional Hawaiian music. It was a spectacular performance that left the audience in awe.The lu’au started at 6 pm and ended at 8:30 pm. and was located outside in front of the Multi Purpose Room steps where anyone could attend.

Seashell necklaces were given to attendees the moment they walked in through the gate. The event’s entrance had beautiful decorations, such as palm tree leaves and torches to lead people into the event.

Former Noble and choir student, Lesley Mares, attended to support her friends and previous classmates. She praised the lu’au saying, “I knew it would be good and I’m really proud of them. It takes a lot of work to prepare for these events. It is stressful but worth it. Also, the food was great.”

The food was served between six and seven o’clock, before the dances officially started. Many could not help but go for seconds because the marinated pork and macaroni salad were devoured by attendees.

To authenticate their look, the choir was barefoot and dressed in traditional clothes covered with floral prints.

Some of the songs they sang included, Hawaii Aloha, Kuu Pua, Kapilina, Aloha Oe, and E Kuu Lei. Some choir members even sang while playing the ukulele.

Choir teacher, Mr. Rodriguez, gave thanks to the volunteers and all those who came to show their support.By the end of the night, people were encouraged to take food home because they had a lot left over.

Gerard Diokno, senior, performed during the lu’au and was happy with the event: “I’m actually really glad with how it turned out. Many people came and seemed to enjoy it. We put a lot of time into this.”

The lu’au was the second to the last event that the choir will be having this year. On May 3, their last performance will be a concert in the MPR room.