Prom and grad nite near as the school year closes

Prom and grad nite near as the school year closes

Samantha Acevedo, Junior

As the school year comes to an end, and with graduation just around the corner, seniors look forward to the most recognized nights of their high school careers: Prom and Grad Nite

These two events will immortalize the last couple of weeks for the senior class of 2018.

After several meetings and discussions, this year’s junior class chose the theme of This Magic Moment in Paris, to commemorate the prom festivities.

ASB stresses that the balances of Senior grad nite and Prom must be paid off completely by the time May 11th comes around, as everything must be finalized.

Prom occurs on May 12, at The Reef in Long Beach, starting at seven o’clock and ending at eleven o’clock.

Prom dress code is excruciatingly strict this year. Mid drifts, thigh slits, and “non-vertical” dancing is restricted. If failure to avoid these occurs, wristbands will be confiscated by staff as a warning and a second violation can result in having to leave the dance early.

Seniors will go on rides, have dinner, and enjoy the last day of their high school career with their friends at California Adventure.

Another exciting event for seniors is grad nite. Grad nite will take place at California Adventures in Anaheim, where seniors will attend until 3 am on June 7th, 2018.

On the day of grad nite, seniors must be in the gym at exactly 4:30 to check in for the event. The bus will leave promptly at 5:30.

Both of these events require a current I.D. for verification of purchase and identity.

These events are specifically for seniors who have met graduation requirements. If students have are not met the necessary requirements, they will be restricted from participating in any of these senior activities.