Nogales High attends “Get Lit” poetry slam

Samantha Acevedo, Junior

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This month, Nogales’ poetry club attended the “Get Lit” poetry slam located at the Los Angeles Theatre.

On April 26, 2018, a plethora of students from different schools introduced their recitals of classic literature from renowned poets. In response, they read from their own pieces. Unfortunately, the Nobles were not able to participate, as many of the students were unprepared.

“Get Lit” is a poetry slam contest where young students’ across Southern California attend to participate in a blend of classic poetry and modern day pieces, creating a perfect blend of literature that was inspired by hip-hop.

The purpose of this event is to teach and empower students, giving them an environment where they can build their own poetry, whether it comes in sonnets or tandems.

The Poetry Slam focuses on the young adults who find comfort in literature, giving them the chance to express emotion in oral and visual performance. Poetry, in many instances, can be a great hobby for those looking to present themselves through art. Thea Garcia, teacher and organizer of the poetry club, claims ,“poetry is a great experience, it’s meant for self expression.”

The poetry program mainly takes place in neighborhoods in Los Angeles, as a way to reach out to every day kids. “Get Lit” will be having a summer camp at La Fayette park Los Angeles, from July 23 to August 3, 2018.

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