Nogales’ anticipated sports/welcome back rally

Nogales' anticipated sports/welcome back rally

Luis velasquez, sophomore

For decades, it has been tradition to hold rallies dedicated to students of all classes in desire to show school spirit. This year isn’t any different we are continuing tradition and we going to have a sports rally. So better get ready.

This school sport rally will be held on September 14 in the Nogales gym during your fourth period. So We can recognize our athletes and their hard work and dedication.

Alex tellez explains his goal for the rally, “ We strive to encourage a good environment with high school spirit.

This rally can also benefit students that are not active in, but thinking about joining a sport; they just need the motivation. ASB has been planning and been working hard every day and thinking of every little detail so students will have a good time.

The rallies play an important part in the school because for years they have brought Nogales High School together. They are the source of most school spirit.

Gilbert Sandoval, an active ASB student, raises the bar for this semester’s event: “People should expect more school spirit in the Rallies.”

There will be lots of games and events to expect from the rally. Students can participate in the games if chosen by any ASB student. Teamwork and communication will be required to win any game for any class.

Freshmen, who are all new to rallies, are given by teachers and other staff. Further into the rally, classes will play games and compete to see who has the most school spirit amongst all four classes.

ASB director, Mrs. Martinez, asserts ASB’s attempt to make rallies memorable: “ASB has been working hard with lots of long hours and dedications  to make this rally unforgettable.”

The best things to look forward in the rallies is the school spirit and unity of the school.