Fall Clubs take Nogales High by Storm

Fall Clubs take Nogales High by Storm

Jared Pacaoan, Freshman

Clubs serve as a fantastic way to provide students with a myriad of opportunities. Networking with clubs is very helpful to students, because they get more information and resources that will support their future interests and goals.

One of the newest clubs is the ‘Hip Hop Club’, the advisor is Ms.Ellis, the leader of the dance club is Audrey Marcilla.

Anthony Morrow, explained that the new club has goals for their group: “We want to become a 6th period class, dance at rallies, at clubs, and football games.”

Another popular club that continues their legacy is the UNICEF club, which helps children in impoverished countries. The clubs first upcoming fundraiser, Trick or Treat for UNICEF, raises money throughout the month of October for vaccinations, sanitations, and gifts.

Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) is a club that supports and welcomes the LGBTQ community. This club spreads positivity and promotes equality throughout the community.

Key Club is about making the world a better place by doing community service. Key club can help you grow as an individual and also help you grow as a leader.

There are many other clubs around campus, that can contribute to your education and your social life.

The UNICEF club meets at B5 every other Thursday during lunch. Astronomy meets every Thursday in L206. Movie club meets at every Thursday. GSA meet every Tuesday at lunch in room M101. Film Club meets on the first Monday of each month in M-207 after school, and National Honor Society meets in C-4 on the last friday of the month.

Reach out to the group that connect with your social needs and enhances your education.