Nogales rings in new school year with welcome back rally


Fernando Rax, Sophomore

Recently, the students at Nogales attended the first rally of the year.

During fourth period, on September 14th, 2018, students watched the welcome back rally, enjoying their fellow students as the Nogales fall sports teams were presented.

The fall sports range from football, boys’ water polo, cross country, girls tennis, and girls volleyball.

Students were excited to strut across the gym floor with their teammates. “My favorite part of the rally was when our cross country team went on the gym so we could show our pride,” says Jarely Mateo, a sophomore in cross country.

This rally is only the first of four this year.

It is a tradition at Nogales High School to allow school spirit to run wild within all of the students. Once a student is sitting on the bleachers during a rally, they can feel the excitement of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. “One way that the rally brings out spirit is that we’re promoting what it is to be united. It’s a way that we get the whole student population in one place. At the end, for example, when we did the noble spell out all together, it’s reminding us that we’re a family and we’re all in this together,” explained Ms. Placencia, co-director of ASB.

Some students also may be unaware of all of the thought and effort that goes into making these school rallies. The Nogales ASB works tirelessly to prepare. For example, students in ASB spent the week of the rally making posters, doing run throughs, and setting up equipment.

It is an extremely draining process, but in the end, it leads to a shared sense of pride within the school. Richialaiza Ramos, a sophomore in ASB explains, “For ASB, we have to work as a team. If we don’t work together, then we won’t have a good end result. It’s all about teamwork.”

Overall, the welcome back rally was very organized and fun. The next assembly is the Renaissance Rally on Friday, December 7.