Nogales Water Polo suffers a big loss against Baldwin Park


Victor Uribe , Freshman

Last month, the Nogales Water Polo team faced Baldwin Park High School in a match where the team was unfortunately defeated with a loss of 10 to 1.

On Tuesday, September 18, the team was going into their fifth match of the season looking for their first win after losing against Wilson High school in their previous game.

There is a new wave of talented players that have joined the team, such as freshman Jose De Dios.

When asked for the reason he has joined the squad, Jose expressed on why he likes the new challenge of a swimming sport instead of running sport.

“What made me like water polo is how we swim for long periods of time but, there are some challenges such as the lack of substitution players, resulting in us getting exhausted without any pause or break”

The team has not started very well, but Jose is very optimistic of the upcoming games, exclaiming “Our expectations are to try harder after losing our first games and were preparing to get some wins.”

As the game went through its entirety, the opposing team, Baldwin Park High School, dominated the pool.

The away team was not giving mercy to the Nobles as the goals were coming in fast. Baldwin Park stole the ball out of the Nobles’ having an effective defense to avoid points from the other side as the four quarters passed by with only one point to Nogales.

This is the fifth loss of the season for the Nobles resulting in a 0-5 win loss record where they are still seeking their first victory of the season.

There are still a few more games coming up at home: October 18 at 5:30 against Siera Vista and October 25 at 3:15 versus Edgewood.