The Nogales varsity football team loses by a landslide against Arroyo High

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The Nogales varsity football team loses by a landslide against Arroyo High

Samantha Acevedo, Senior

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Nogales’ football team finished off the first home game with a devastating loss against Arroyo High School, even after exhibiting fantastic sportsmanship.

On August 24, 2018, the varsity team went head to head against the competitive Arroyo Knights, giving their all on the 160 foot field.

The game stayed very intense throughout the first half, with students remaining lively all throughout the game.

Many students, including senior Samantha Torres, illustrated their high hopes for the team: “I’ve seen the team at their worst and I believe they can do it, it’s good to have school spirit because it brings up the players.”

The team had its fair share of hardships, players such as senior Bershoun Levi, sophomore Malon McDaniel, and Senior Francisco Ibarra III, faced injuries during the entirety of the game, yet still managed to perform their best.

Not only did Nobles support, the team but many alumni football players attended such as former player Andrew Carrazco did so as well,“ I miss it so much. Certain things such as theme songs bring back memories to how I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this, and it’s really nice seeing that they’re still out here playing with their all.”

Unfortunately, the Nogales varsity football team lost their home non-conference game against Arroyo with a drastic score of 48-7.

The season runs until the end of October. The last game of the season will be an away game against the Gladiators.

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