Poetry and Art Show is Coming

Robert Salcido, Senior

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Poetry and art have been linked for centuries: one speaks, the other performs. The 2018 Poetry and Art show will exemplify this relationship.

This event, which will be running for a fourth year, gives poets a chance to express themselves through words. There is no requirement for anyone who wishes to participate; all are welcome to attend.

In Society often, both visual and verbal art are not given the recognition they deserve. when one goes into an art museum, they merely look at a picture, but they never interpret it, never search for what the image means to the viewer; the same can be said for poetry: read, but not understood.

According to Art Teacher Robert Sotelo, “It is part of being human, we being the only organisms to make art. So, the importance of art is essential to maintain our cultural and ancestral identity while documenting/displaying the accomplishments of the human species.”

Since the dawn of time, art has been used to tell stories, preserve culture, and spread knowledge; books, or articles for that matter, would not have been possible if not for the art form known as writing. In addition, visual art provides a physical representation of human relationships, emotions, and ideas.

The relationship, however, between art and poetry is simple because poetry provides the words and art creates the realms visualized in the mind after reading poetry, an enchanted reality.

This year’s Poetry and Art Show will take place on Thursday, November 29 in the Multi-Purpose Room by the advisor of the Poetry Club organized.


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