Nogales’ High School’s new attendance policy


Amina Hearns, Senior

Throughout the years, Nogales’ administration has been trying to find a way to stop students from being late to class. From doing tardy sweeps, detentions, and even creating a demerit system, the school is still not able to resolve the issue.

On August 20, all staff were sent an email by Principal Nasouf addressing the issue of students’ tardiness and how the demerit system is not working. According to Principal Nasouf, “Being on time is important for many reasons while at school and throughout society,” and that this will “improve [the students] punctuality.”

The email also addressed a new policy that would ensure students’ change in behavior and arriving on time.

The solution: Saturday school. This means that students who have accumulated five or more tardies in a class will have their parents notified and be assigned Saturday school by the end of the month.

Essentially, when a student is late to class for the third time, the teacher will call his/her parent and document it. Once that same student reaches five or more tardies in the class, he/she will be sent to Saturday school.

If they do not attend Saturday school, the student will meet with an administrator and parent on campus to give the student a last opportunity to serve Saturday school. Principal Nasouf states that, “At the end of the month, the process resets and we begin with a fresh start.”

The teachers, however, are not required to fill out the Saturday school request form; it is simply optional. This can cause a bit of confusion being that some teachers will be strict on the matter, while other teachers will not. This could lead to students having the same behavior as before.

It will require the efforts of teachers, parents, and administration to work together in order to instill this new policy.