Nogales’ Varsity Football Team takes a Heartbreaking Loss at Battle of the Tracks

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Nogales’ Varsity Football Team takes a Heartbreaking Loss at Battle of the Tracks

Bradley Kwon, Fernando Rax, Luis Velasquez, sophomores

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On September 20, 2018, our Noble Varsity Football team faced a very difficult loss against Rowland High School at the renowned Battle of the Tracks game.

The game was very intense as the Nogales Nobles went against the Rowland Raiders, the sole and longtime rivals of the school. There were high hopes, but the Raiders ultimately came out on top.

By the first quarter, Rowland was up by seven points, while Nogales was still at zero. This could be attributed to the weaker defense on Nogales’ part.

By half-time, the score was still 7-0, in Rowland High School’s favor. Nogales had amazing plays; however, Rowland continued to maintain the upper hand.

The halftime show was exhilarating as it consisted of a performance by the Nogales Noble Regiment.

As spirits in the Noble Dungeon went dwindling, the performance revived the dying crowd in the second half. They were still holding out hope for the Nobles football team with the assertive belief that anything was possible.

Nonetheless, the changes in score did not occur until the third quarter of the game. Anticipation arose when the Noble varsity football team were at the ninety-five-yard line, with its offense at its peak. After the third-down of the play, the team pushed the ball into the touchdown field: the Nogales football team had made their first touchdown of the game.

The third-quarter concluded with the Raiders making a shocking touchdown. A sullen feeling set over the Nobles in the audience. However, the game was not over.

The fourth quarter of the game commenced with another touchdown made by the Rowland Raiders.


Unfortunately, the Nobles’ defense could not keep up with the aggressive offense of the Raiders. A brawl between a Noble and Raider was instigated by rough-play.


The final score was 21-7, in the Rowland Raiders’ favor. The Raiders took the “Golden Football” trophy that the Nobles had possessed for three years.

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