Tennis Girls Varsity Team: Work Hard, Stay Humble


Luis Velasquez, Sophomore

The Nogales girls tennis team had a home match late last month.

On Thursday September 20, the Nogales girls’ tennis team went head to head against Duarte High School and won a close call by 10-8. Before this match, the tennis team had four pre-season games to get ready prior to their ten match season.

The girls tennis team really showed off what they were made of when they beat Duarte High School. Their long hours of practice prove to be worth it in the end.

The tennis coach, Mr.Han, pointed out the new players and returning members of the team were complementing each other nicely: “We have a pretty strong team that’s not completely new.”

The Nobles can compete with the other of the schools in the district within their league and hopefully go to CIF.

They have been practicing since the summer and have applied a lot of time to prepare for this season. Mr. Han also explains that “ Tennis is a difficult sport to get good at so you need to invest a lot of you time to get good at it.”

It can be a fast paced game that requires quick reactions. The average high school serving speed is 70 MPH, which means players  have about one second to move and position to hit the ball back to their opponent.

Their last game is an away match against Gladstone on October 18 at 3:15.