The Nogales Junior Varsity Volleyball Team’s Tough Loss Against Azusa High School


Bradley Kwon, Sophomore

Earlier last month, Nogales’ Junior Varsity Volleyball team competed against the Aztecs of Azusa High School.

On September 19, 2018, our fellow Lady Nobles’ volleyball team exhilaratingly played their hearts out at their second home-game of the season.

The Nogales volleyball team had high hopes for the game. Jsheanna Mendoza, the team’s coach, confidently asserted, “I know my girls are going to play their hardest. No matter what the outcome will be, they will remain strong.”

By the tenth minute of the first set, the score was 14-6, in the lady Nobles’ favor. Progressively until the end of the set; however, the the lady Nobles lost their lead and ultimately the set, with a score of 18-25.

Fortunately, the lady Nobles persisted through the unexpected loss in the first set and remained victorious in their second. Like Jsheanna Mendoza hoped for the team, the lady Nobles were able to utilize “very good communication.” Their well-executed set-ups and plays earned them the deserved score of 25-18.

Cemented determination were all that made up the court by the third and final set. Because the game carried on to a third set, the score-cap was 15, instead of the 25 score-cap of the other sets. The lady Nobles were devastated as the Aztecs pushed through until the final score of 3-15, in the Aztecs’ favor.

The tense audience sighed in disappointment as the Aztecs scored their winning-point. Although it was a very tough loss for the lady Nobles, they remain hopeful for their games to come.

Alexine Cruz, a sophomore on the Nogales volleyball team, positively said, “It was a very tough loss for us, but we tried our best and had fun.”

This loss for the lady Nobles is only a small fragment of their journey as a team and will not stop them from remaining victorious against other teams.