Cal State LA bring self awareness to students

Robert Salcido, Senior

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Any opportunity taken can provide vast experiences. Recently, the Gender-Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club embarked on an all-day adventure in downtown L.A.. An event that, aside being fun and exciting, both informed and enlightened those who attended.

The trip to Cal State LA was a day of self awareness. Kayla Andrews, Senior, described the experience as “educational” and taught one how to “defend yourself and how to open up and be comfortable with yourself and others.”

The trip helped many students feel confident in expressing themselves and how to approach the issue of acceptance by their peers.

Andrews further comments that the experience helped her learn “a lot about different people and what they like.

The experience provided one with comfort and reassurance, aiding the comprehension that it is not shameful to open up to family and friends, as well as the assurance that one always has support from their loved ones.

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