Nogales blood drive helps people in need

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Nogales blood drive helps people in need

Kyle Vergara, Senior

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On Tuesday, October 30th, Nogales High School held a blood drive in the gym for students to donate their blood for people in need.

The blood drive is a charitable activity, in which people are asked to donate blood to the Red Cross, either to maintain a general supply or in response to a specific shortage or emergency.

Danny Dangelo, the supervisor of the blood drive, wants as many people as possible to help. He states, “ We hope students are willing to donate blood to save people’s lives. Everyday there’s a use for blood for accidents and unexpected surgeries.”

The main contributors to the blood supply are high school and college students during the Red Cross’ annual events across campuses nationwide.

Senior, Angel Ramos, donated his blood. Angel explains his reasoning: “I wanted to donate blood, because I could save three lives, and also, I got a free shirt and pizza. I would donate blood again in the future, because I know that I can save many more lives.”

Senior, Maddy Paredes, rejoices into donating blood to help others. Maddy claims, “It feels good to help others because there are people out there that need help and it makes me happy when I am able to help them out.”

In the state of California, health officials require at least 1000 donors to contribute to the blood drive to fulfill needs. The Red Cross usually surpasses this goal in wide numbers.

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