Electives unlocking hidden talents

Robert Salcido, Senior

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One would say the purpose of an elective is to receive high school credit, but that is not the true intent.

The primary goal of having an elective course is to unlock the hidden talents within every student, which in turn opens doors for potential careers. The upcoming Nogales Elective fair on Tuesday, January 29 will certainly assist students in building their future.

The event had an impressive turnout last year, with presentations from classes such as Med Core, Photography, and Journalism. The experience was enlightening; each student could decide for themselves which classes they might take rather than having a counselor choosing for them. The only problem prevalent was deciding on the best elective, given the various options.

Due to the spectacular attendance in the previous year, this year’s event will most likely provide more opportunities to aid the young adults of this school discover their untapped potential.

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