Herencia Latina Club Presents Latin Ball 2019


Fernando Rax, Sophomore

Next month, Herencia Latina Club will, once again, host the Latin Ball at Nogales High School.

An annual event at Nogales, the Latin Ball is a highly anticipated dance. It will take place on March 15 in the Multi-Purpose Room from 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. The theme is “Una Noche de Oro” (A Golden Night).

Unlike other dances, Latin Ball is hosted by Herencia Latina Club, which promotes Latino culture across campus. “Para nosotros es importante porque estamos recordando a los chicos, de donde vienen ellos, sus países, y la música que sus padres le enseñado,” (For us it is important because we are reflecting on the students, where they come from, their countries, and the music that their parents have taught them) explains Mrs. Pineda, the advisor for the Herencia Latina Club.

One of the ball’s highlights includes the inclusion of popular Latino party culture: One example is a banda – a multi-person band that focuses on playing live Spanish music. There will also be a taco man to serve food to the students at the dance. Overall Latino culture, which is prominent at Nogales, will be highlighted at this festive celebration.

Although there are many Latino elements to the dance, anybody is welcomed to attend. “Queremos que vayan más estudiantes y que también escogimos la mejor banda,” (We would like for more students to attend and we hired the best banda) says Mrs. Pineda. Some Spanish teachers also offer extra credit as an incentive for attendance.

Numerous students are very excited for the dance because of the experiences they anticipate. Kevin Cristino, a sophomore in Herencia Latina, discloses his plans: “I look forward to meeting new people, dancing the entire night, and taking others out to dance.”

The Herencia Latina Club will be working hard to present an enjoyable evening at the Latin Ball, so be sure to attend. Tickets are now on sale for $20 with an ASB card, or $25 without an ASB card at the ASB store.