Oped: The Injustice of a Border Wall


Robert Salcido, Senior

The government was shut down for weeks due to an inability to compromise regarding funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico Border. The democrats feel a wall is unnecessary because it infringes on the reputation of America as the “land of the free.”

Thousands migrate to America every year to escape persecution and poverty in their native countries, in hopes of a new beginning, and seeking safety and security. The revived denial of immigrant sanctuary creates hypocrisy on the United States’ behalf, since the first settlers—the pilgrims who voyaged to the New World to start over—were in the same situation as the modern immigrants.

President Trump stated that the border wall “will be a very effective weapon against drugs and crime.” But, prior to its questionable construction, the wall has proven to be a weapon against freedom.

On one hand, Trump did ask border security what was needed to improve illegal immigration along the southern border and research found that border patrol believed a wall in certain areas would create a safer zone in some areas.

Yet, constructing a border wall ignites conflict between the federal government and ethnicities, specifically those of Latin culture, who are persecuted for their background. This causes the arrogantly ignorant to spew racially charged, stereotypical cries of hatred. The problem regarding a border wall is not an issue of population, but one of discrimination.

A country is only as good as its leader, and President Trump has demonstrated he is incapable of directing America into the future, and is returning the country to the past. Due to his childish antics, he has resurrected the prejudice evil that has remained dormant for so long, misdirecting the nation from the title of the “land of the free,” to that of the “home of the whites.”