The Renaissance Rally: Good or Bad?

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The Renaissance Rally: Good or Bad?

Robert Salcido, Senior

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High school rallies are meant to entertain, inform, and recognize. This year’s Renaissance rally, unlike previous ones, had a certain buzz to it.

The event was a breath of fresh air, given the recent incidents that plagued the school. It took the students’ minds away from the current reality and provided a time for celebration.

ASB Executive, Virginia Garcia, stated that the goal of the rally was to “improve school spirit.” The event humorously divided each class in competition, but united them in sportsmanship and humanity.

The Renaissance rally’s theme this year was Greek Mythology, an idea the rally committee thought would be unique. The event consisted of contests, such as balloon popping, and jumping rock, paper, scissors, as well as recognitions for both the students and the teachers for their outstanding work.

Students were recognized for their perfect attendance and positive influence over their peers, not to mention the teachers who were congratulated for their outstanding work and support for their students, including The Noble Times’ very own, Dr. Erika Zelnick.

The highlight of the whole occasion was the Nogales Noble Dance Crew’s hip hop performance midway through. Students cheered with delight at the wonderful entertainment of the lively show.

Concluding the rally, each class shouted their renditions of the Noble Spellout. A fitting way to end the rally.

However, the rally had a mixed reception. Some enjoyed it while others were disappointed. Jeanette Salcido, junior, was brief: “I’d rather be in class.”

Many would agree that this year’s Renaissance Rally underperformed compared to previous ones, but not everything can be done with a five-star rating. There are certain circumstances that undermine a group’s ability to deliver on the expectations.

Though this rally’s success can be debated, there are future opportunities to strive for excellence; and future rallies to entertain students.

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