Nogales girls water polo team victory


Luis Velasquez, Sophomore

The Nogales girls’ water polo team played a home game after school last month.

On Monday, February 28, 2019, the girls’ water polo team played at 3:15pm against Sierra Vista with a six- to-three victory.

Right away, the Lady Nobles proved their competitiveness against  Sierra Vista and kept the ball on their side of the pool, the Nobles earned a two to one point lead during the first quarter of the game and in the next quarter, the Nobles did not slow down and ended halftime with a three to two lead.

Marcos Garcia, the coach of girls’ water polo team said,“ I don’t think we can win league, but I do think we can get 2nd place.”

Water polo is a sport that requires a lot of stamina to stay above the water for the 12-minute duration of each quarter. They also have to keep their hands up at all times, because they never know when the ball can be come in their direction.

There is also another big factor that is not easily observed which is the action that it happens underneath the water. The referee cannot see underneath the water, and therefore the players can take advantage by kicking their opponents and doing anything to get their hands on the ball.

Doris Fong, a sophomore that joined the swim team, was recommended to join the water polo team because of her swimming skills. She emphasized the great difficulty of the game: “The girls (on the other team) are always trying to drown you. It is one of many great difficulties.”

The Nogales girls’ water polo team is to determined to meet the expectation of Coach Marcos and get second place in the league this year.