Nogales’ Varsity boys basketball defeat Sierra High in a 21-point lead


Amina Hearns, Senior

Friday night  January 25, Nogales varsity boys’ basketball team won their seventh game of the season. Noble fans and parents showed up to support  the boys’ basketball team, especially the seniors, given it was their Senior Night as well.

As the first quarter began, a star player from Sierra Vista dropped to the ground with a hard fall resulting in the whole crowd wincing. The Nobles took a small lead scoring 10 points and Sierra Vista with 8.

With two minutes and seventeen seconds until halftime, the Nobles were up by 20 points. With 4.5 seconds on the clock, Victor Rendon (#13) made an insane shot creating an uproar by the crowd, 27 and 11 in favor of the nobles. Karen Velasquez, a senior had confidence in the Nogales team: “I knew our basketball team would not lose… the people cheering for them in the stands, friends and family, were all giving out positive energy. When you have a good support system, the rest plays out. The power of being a noble family is unbeatable.”

In the second half of the game the fans on the Nobles side passionately cheered and lept in the stands as Sierra Vista tried making a shot until Bershaun Levi (#33) blocked him. Right after this incredible shot-block, the Nobles scored another point. Joseph “Jojo” Flores (#10) and Dale Batac (#31) made some backboard smashing shots, leading the team to the score of 35 points.

With two minutes left of the third quarter, and sweat dripping down his face, Batac made not one, but two back-to-back shots raising the score to 41, and leaving Sierra Vista with 21 points. 3rd Quarter ended with Nobles 48, Sierra Vista 24. The fourth quarter ending up with a glorious win by the Nobles, 59 – 38.

After the game, Moreno expressed his feeling of accomplishment from his high school experience on the team : “At the end of last year’s season, we won a CIF Championship. We found out that we were at that point league champions which had not happened in 10 years. Just knowing the hard work that we did during the 4 years we were at NHS has turned into something great.”