Op-Ed: Trump’s government shutdown

Op-Ed: Trump’s government shutdown

Robert Salcido, Senior

Ending 2018 on a bad note, Donald Trump shut down part of the United States government as a result of failing to obtain money for funding the border wall that he promised, during his campaign.

The shutdown lasted for thirty-five days, causing federal workers to miss two paychecks, having no money to support their families, especially during the holidays, where their children expect a gift or a meal.

The irony of the shutdown is the fact that Trump did not think before he acted, commenting that he didn’t need government money: “I’m rich.” If he is so wealthy, then why doesn’t he pay for the wall with the supposed wealth he possesses?

He is a man of empty promises with a bark worse than his bite. He has gone back on his word that neighboring country Mexico will pay for the border wall—a statement he has so boldly, profoundly, and repeatedly recited—and said the payment would be indirect paid through a trade deal.

According to the Washington Post, more than eight-hundred thousand people are employed by the federal government, many of whom have not seen any wages in their bank account throughout the duration of the shutdown. The severity of the situation was so drastic that many workers went to food banks seeking the provisions they needed.

The organizations affected by the shutdown, according to ABC News, included the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the IRS and NASA. Each plays a key role in this nation’s protection and advancement, and were all affected due to an inept world leader who thinks money grows on trees.

Though the shutdown has ended, the President has threatened to repeat history, if Congress cannot reach a deal to fund the border wall. If this occurs, he will twice jeopardize the federal employees, requiring them to, yet again, work without pay.

Trump must deflate his pompous ego in order to glimpse the reality his actions are creating, endangering the lives of people suffering for a cause they want no part of. Many grow weary of hearing about the man-child in the media, or seeing footage of unpaid workers supporting their families with the insufficient sums of money.