Bite of Reality teaches Nogales High School seniors to budget

Bite of Reality teaches Nogales High School seniors to budget

Samantha Acevedo, Senior

On Thursday, February 9, 2019, the RMJ Foundation held “A Bite of Reality” for Nogales’ 12th grade students.

The event simulated financial sacrifices that adults make in their everyday lives, preparing high school seniors for their near future.

Seniors were separated into two groups: Group A, which was made up of students last name A-L during 9:30-11:00am, and Group B, which filled up the time slot between 10:10am-12:08pm. The groups met in the gym to participate in these sessions.

In these sessions, students were assigned a specific lifestyle in which each person had a job, a spouse with a job, and a child.

Students were given the goal to make lifestyle choices based on their needs and desires. Several stations were set up to accommodate specific needs such as housing, transportation, food, clothing, household necessities and day care.

The event offered a variety of choices, including various of the student salaries. Volunteers offered students three choices: great food ($700 range), average food ($500 range), and not so great food ($200 range).

Breanna Salas, a volunteer, described the experience as a glimpse into their future: “This is setup in order for students to learn how life works and to be able to budget their money, because once high school is over, students must learn to become adults.”

Many students were eager to participate in the game, claiming it held educational value. 12th grader Dnetrus Chevis-Rose stated, “I think this is a very beneficial program, especially for people who don’t know what to do with money. It’s good, since we’re about to graduate.”

Bite of Reality was organized by the TMJ Foundation, a non profit dedicated to teaching students about the benefits of spending and saving money after high school.