New Rally Guidelines Sets a Dull Mood for Upcoming Rallies


Amina Hearns, Senior

Following the recent events of ASB’s laughable rally, numerous students are speculating why the event was such a disappointment. The rally failed mainly because of administration’s new, lackluster guidelines.  

This new code of conduct for rallies included: no lights being turned off, no class dances, and no music choices without the approval of NHS’ principal, Dr. Nasouf.

When asked about the change of the rally guidelines, senior Arin Arellano stated: “Why? How about you get a better mic system. As for the lights staying on, it’s not as if the rallies are pitch black and there are teachers standing around securing everyone”

For many past school years, ASB was known for orchestrating extravagant and splendid rallies that had teachers and students dancing, silly string flying, lights-off and headbanging music. Now, students feel as if it is just another “useless assembly” that no one wants to attend or be apart of.

Another senior questioned the reason for his presence. Juan Martinez asked, : “It makes people who don’t do sports feel bad, why do we have to be there? Why is it mandatory to go to a boring event?”

While many disagree with the new rally regulations calling it “wack” and “unnecessary”, ASB Commissioner, Abigail Castro gave her insight on this teenage controversy claiming: “The guidelines really do limit us [ASB] to what we can do in general. It especially limits our music choices.” Castro even stated that ASB faces “so much backlash and other students criticize [their performance] on rules that [they] didn’t want to change but are forced to follow.”

As of now, administration has not issued an official statement, but they did state that “Booing was an issue at previous rallies and as a Noble Family, we don’t want to be divided.” As for the rules on the music, administration deemed that the music for the first renaissance rally was “inappropriate.” However, as for the lights being off for the duration of the rally, no comments have been given.

The next rally will be held at the Mack Pace Pavillion, on April 12th 2019. Many students hope for the best, while others are preparing for the worst.