Jussie Smollett fakes a hate crime to promote his career

Jussie Smollett fakes a hate crime to promote his career

Luis Velasquez, Sophomore

Jussie Smollett, an actor on the popular series Empire, self-orchestrated an attack on himself to garner attention and  promote his career. On January 29, 2019, Smollett, went to a subway at two o’clock in the morning. As he was exiting the subway he was “attacked.”

A few days prior to the false assault, Jussie Smollett sent himself a threatening letter to the Empire studio in Chicago with a drawing of a man on a noose with his name on the letter.

Smollett was unsatisfied with the amount of attention he received from the false threat. He filed a false police report for a hate-crime involving two white men making racist and homophobic comments towards him. In the police report, it was stated that the two attackers,“poured an unknown chemical substance” on him, “wrapped a rope” around his neck and then fled. Police later discovered that the chemical used was bleach.

The two “attackers” were not white as Jussie described them to the police. The attackers brothers Able and Ola, from Nigeria,were hired by Smollett who paid them $3,500 to help him plan his attack. Plus, they were alloted an additional hundred dollars for the equipment needed for the act. After the attack, Jussie paid the brothers another five-hundred dollars for completing the job.

The police were able to track one of the attackers, who attempted to flee from Chicago. Both brothers admitted to their crimes and contribution to the hoax. The police were able to interrogate the brothers and get the information needed to prove Jussie Smollett’s crime.

Instead of getting offered more roles for movies and TV shows, as he strived for, he is now being sentenced to prison with a bail of a hundred-thousand dollars.

The frontrunners of Empire also announced that Smollett would not be on the final episodes of the series.