Op-ed: Commence the Disarmament

Op-ed: Commence the Disarmament

Robert Salcido, Senior

Shootings have become an all too familiar occurrence with children all over the world. Numerous innocent lives have perished due to the emerging pandemic known as gun violence.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution claims “the right to keep and bear arms shall.” Initially a right of self defense; however, no one could have anticipated the pure chaos it would bring with the absence of restrictions.

According to BBC.com, there were 23 school shootings across the United States in 2018, one about every eight school days. The most notable of them being the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, where seventeen people were killed.

The year prior, in 2017, the US had an estimated 317 mass shootings, one about every 1.2 days. The casualties suffered are solely the responsibility of the government, which evades the issue any chance it gets.

People are frustrated with gun violence because nothing has been done to end the bloodshed. Following the infamous Parkland shooting in Florida, students and survivors of the incident rallied together, forming the March For Our Lives Movement to call for stricter firearms regulations. Some even arranged a meeting with Donald Trump to discuss what can be done to strengthen gun control. Rather than devising a rational solution, the President suggested teachers should be armed, disregarding any of the words spoken by the students regarding the first-hand accounts to the massacre which claimed the lives of their peers and their friends.

Moving on to 2019, the Gun Violence Archive reported that, as of March 3rd, there have been fifty-one mass shootings across the country, with no hopes of the carnage ending anytime soon. The government has proven their bones are made from bullets; if not, something would have been done to eliminate the infection.

Deaths have increased because firearms are too easily accessible. It seems that even those with criminal records are able to obtain weapons, regardless of their history. Guns aren’t the source of tragedy; it’s those who wield them whom ignite sorrow.