Nogales JV Baseball has a victory against Azusa

Nogales JV Baseball has a victory against Azusa

Luis velasquez, Sophomore

On March 5, 2019, the Nogales JV baseball team dominated Azusa on their home turf with a final score of 10-2.

The Nobles demonstrated that their practices helped them prepare for their game. By the first inning, the baseball JV team was already up 3-0. Azusa struggled to match the Nobles’ outstanding defense. Azusa did not even reach 3 third base.

Anthony Morrow, a player on the JV baseball enjoys the easy comradery among the players. We are all friends and we have to trust each [other] .” The teamwork displayed by the JV team made it seem as if they have been playing together for years.

The team did not show any mercy and Azusa only scored one point halfway through the game. The Nobles were able to defend almost all of Azusa’s hits.

By the end of the game, Azusa was able to score three runs, while the Nobles were able to score two more in the final innings which, yielded the final score of 10-2.

After the game, Ricky Lopez a player for the Nogales JV baseball team confidently reflected, “We just did what we did in practice and played as a team.”

The Nogales JV baseball team seems to be heading on the right path to winning more games. They played with astonishing teamwork and communication, which will hopefully lead the team to more victories throughout the season.