Momo terrifying kids

Momo terrifying kids

jared Pacaoan, Freshman

The internet is an even bigger danger than ever. Momo, an internet hoax, is a picture of a woman with bulging eyes and a v shaped mouth. As young children watch their shows on the internet, Momo would pop up randomly on their screen and terrify them.

The mysterious figure would tell children to harm themselves and threaten them if they chose not to obey. Momo is only targeting children that are constantly surfing the internet.

One of the Momo challenges is a suicide game similar to The Blue Whale challenge. The Blue Whale challenge took 50 days and each day would have a task. The final task at the end of those 50 days was to commit suicide. Momo gives young children similar tasks to harm themselves, harm others and eventually commit suicide.

These Momo-related concepts occur commonly on Peppa Pig episodes. The goal of this suicide imagery is to show adolescents on how to harm themselves. In several episodes Peppa Pig would be shown killing her parents or even displaying a graphic image of Peppa Pig beheaded.

A Momo song has also surfaced in the media. The song would go, “ Momo, Momo, Momo is going to kill you. At night she’ll come when you’re in bed and in the morning you will be dead.”

Kim Kardashian is also concerned by this problem. She has posted on instagram about this saying, “Parents please be aware and very cautious of what your kid watches on YouTube and KIDS YOUTUBE. There is a thing called ‘Momo’ that’s instructing kids to kill themselves, turn stoves on while everyone is sleep and even threatening to kill the children if they tell their parents.”

Momo is actually a Japanese statue that is called, “Mother Bird”. The hoax started on July 2018, but hasn’t garnered much attention until this month.