Matmos crafts a vivid, vibrant, masterwork with Plastic Anniversary

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Matmos crafts a vivid, vibrant, masterwork with Plastic Anniversary

Marvin Villanueva, Senior

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Matmos, the unpredictably eclectic, experimental electronic duo, celebrates their own personal twenty-fifth anniversary with their latest release Plastic Anniversary.

Composed of M. C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel, the couple has always pushed the boundaries of what conventional electronic music sounds like. From their glitchy, self-titled debut album, Matmos, where they elegantly weaved recordings of strange samples such as the sound of haircuts and the nerve activities of crawfish, Matmos ultimately showed that they were willing to grab from anything to produce captivating, cosmic noise.

For example, just three years ago, with their tenth studio album, Ultimate Care II, both men created an absolute auditory wonder. Utilizing only the sounds of a regular washing machine, they composed a piece of work that was not only baffling, but also brilliantly bewitching.

Plastic Anniversary is no different, deriving a noise only from plastic objects, audiences are forced to fawn over their range of depth. In the heart-beatingly, bombastic “Breaking Bread,” the listener is pulled from every twist and turn, shifted to hear every gidget and whatsnot, all to stick around for this clustered symphony.

From an idea that could have easily turned into a cheap gimmick, Matmos stick to their guns and it is a marvel to behold. Employing a melody from the clacks of a billiard ball, not only glimmers with a sonic drive but proves the musicality of the mundane and the unscripted, unscultured, unserious nature of life’s beauty.

Unsurprisingly, Daniel explained this same motivation in an interview with Noisey, claiming: “I think… we do [this as a] deflationary gesture. We’re not about mystique; we’re about reality. We’re about looking at the reality of the conditions in which you live and making music out of those conditions.” This ideal clearly shapes Plastic Anniversary. As with every sharp, shard of sound, Matmos signals reality’s sheer euphoria.

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