Nogales Summer Sports


Luis Velasquez, Sophomore

As the school year comes to an end, summer sports are starting. There are several summer sports, including cross country, volleyball, basketball and football having practice this summer.

The cross country team will have its practices right after summer school is over. To join the team, all one needs is commitment to the team. There are no tryouts, but it is expected for everyone to go to all of the practices. The team begins practicing early so that when school begins in the fall, the members are well conditioned and mentally prepared for the first race. For more information about summer practice contact Xavier Chavez, the cross country head coach.

The girls’ volleyball team will be having tryouts and practicing, for the team during the summer.

Olivia Alvarez, a member of the J.V. volleyball team, stated “For anyone that wants to join the team but is not certain yet, just go to the practices to get a feel for it and make your choice.”

The football team will have practices all throughout the summer. The practices during the summer are very laborious and they are not for everyone. Although the practices are very difficult, they are necessary for the players to understand and be prepared for the game. Their first game will be on August 22, 2019, against Baldwin Park High School.

Marvin Bernal, a football player that has been playing on the Nogales football team for two years, asserted: “The summer practices are really intense and everyone wants to give up, but we just have to keep pushing through”.

The basketball team practices every season in the gym. It is a live-sleep-and-eat routine to the players. During summer, the basketball team will have Summer League to prepare for the league games in the winter.