Changes Regarding AP Euro

Changes Regarding AP Euro

Recently a decision was made by the Rowland Unified School District Board, regarding AP European History (AP Euro).

This class, once an option as a world history course, has now been converted to a 12th grade elective.

Concern erupted among students, especially the 10th graders currently taking the course as an equivalent to a second year of World History. The issue is that students who took it as their second year of world history still need another history class, since the class no longer qualifies as a graduation requirement.

Regarding the decision, AP European History teacher, David Nimmo, commented, “I like AP Euro, but I also understand what the Ed. Code mandates, a world history course.” What this means is that students can no longer take AP Euro in lieu of World History.

Although the class is still available to take as an elective, people may now be discouraged to do so, as it only counts as such. This possibility not only diminishes its value, but students will overlook it, missing out on an opportunity to enlighten themselves in Europe’s cultural and political history.

This conundrum creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for students, as they now have to take an extra history class, which crowds their already packed schedule.