Race track tallies up deaths, not dollars

Robert Salcido, Senior

The Santa Anita Race Track is facing extreme controversy over the fatalities occurring on its grounds. Many are calling for the arena’s permanent closure, as it has been plagued with the gift of the Reaper’s hand.

Since December 26, 2018, twenty-three horses have been euthanized due to race and training-related injuries. Initially the track itself was to blame for the deaths, thus it was shut down for two weeks to be repaired. Others, according to Fox News, speculate that the winter rain may have contributed to the incidents, since there was a significantly higher rate of wet weather during the chilly season of 2018 than in prior years.

The casualties, however, continued to accumulate in numbers. Even after the venue’s repair and reopening, protesters lobbied outside the entrance to the race track, opposing the popular and profitable sport known as horse racing. People were holding signs with phrases such as, “Your bets kill horses.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein commented: “The death of a single horse is a tragedy, but as a lifelong lover of horses, I’m appalled that almost two dozen horses have died in just four months.” Some may argue that horses die frequently in the world of racing, but what shocks others is the immense death toll of these animals in such a short time.

Despite the high mortality rates, the Santa Anita Track remains open to the public, and protesters continue to object to what they believe to be a massacre of these majestic mustangs.