Netflix is set to show more originals in the summer


Kyle Vergara, Senior

In the upcoming summer months, Netflix will be releasing a total of five titles to its library. These shows include: Lost in Space, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Sacred Games, and Anne With an E.

Lost in Space is officially releasing its second season. Lost in Space is an American sci-fi series about an average family, the Robinsons, as they crash on a foreign planet riddled with hidden dangers. In its upcoming season, the show will focus on how the family finds themselves connected by the drawings of the mysterious robot.

Stranger Things has a third season on its way for its fans. This season is highly anticipated by critics and fans alike, showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer are sure not to disappoint. Season three will kick off with the group of friends reaching adolescence as they encounter another creature that they will have to fight against.

Orange is the New Black will be wrapping up on Netflix. Orange is the New Black is a Netflix dramedy series about life in a women’s prison. In this final season, the show will focus on Piper’s release from prison and her return to her life outside of jail.

Sacred Games is an Indian original series about officer Sartaj Singh getting a phone call from an anonymous man from his past who threatens to blow up the entire city. During his mission, he starts to have flashbacks that reveal some of the crimes he has committed in the past.

Anne with an E will bring more adventures and troubles for audiences to enjoy. Anne with an E, is about a young, orphaned girl who is seeking love and ventures around the Canadian province of Prince Edwards Island.

Stranger Things will be premiering on July 4th, Lost in Space, Orange is the New Black, Sacred Games and Anne with an E do not have certain dates of release yet.

Netflix will continue to grow their library throughout the year to keep its viewers entertained.