Class of 2019 seniors take on prestigious colleges by storm

Class of 2019 seniors take on prestigious colleges by storm

Samantha Acevedo, senior

Life has been looking up for the class of 2019, as quite a handful of seniors have received acceptance letters from prestigious Ivy League colleges and scholarship awards worth tens of thousands of dollars.

In the early months of spring, Osvaldo Cervantes and Simran Chopra achieved amazing feats that many students could only dream of achieving.

Cervantes, received acceptance letters from Yale University and Harvard University and a full-ride scholarship to Stanford University.

In addition to participating in Nogales’ International Baccalaureate program and both the track and field and cross country team, Cervantes is a National Merit Finalist and a Gates Millennium Finalist with a GPA of 4.5.

When asked about how he overcame a tightly packed schedule, Cervantes explained his way of persevering: “To be honest, it’s been difficult. It’s taught me time management and the ability to recognize that you have to work for the things you want. For example, even during practices and long runs, if I had to study for a test I was listening to review videos for the subject while I’m running.”

Math aficionado, AP, and AVID student Simran Chopra, received acceptance to an Ivy League as well.

Chopra applied for early acceptance to Princeton University, to which she was not only accepted, but given a full-ride scholarship.

In the month of March, Chopra was also awarded the Edison Scholars scholarship,  worth $40,000, an award gifted to students who intend to pursue a career in the STEM field.

Chopra is also an avid participator in Key Club as secretary; she puts her time into both extracurriculars and her love for school.

She explained her feelings about being the first person in her family to attend college: “I feel accomplished considering I’m going to a top university in this country.”

This pair of brilliant students prove that anything is possible as long as there’s discipline and time management involved. They are both leaving Nogales as a high school that had a positive impact on both of them.