The Amazon: Lungs of the world

The Amazon:  Lungs of the world

Bianca Morgan, Senior

The Amazon rainforest is currently burning and it has countless people worried for the future of the planet. Around this time of the year, the Amazon is at its driest, but this amount of fires is unprecedented. The National Institute for Space Research has recorded more than 74,000 fires so far this year, which is 84 percent more than last year.

The Amazon has broken the record of the most fires and has people from Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio protesting against President Jair Bolsonaro for not taking action. His very late reaction to the fires has infuriated the people of Brazil. They demand that the government announce concrete actions to curb the fires and although Bolsonaro is now trying to put them out, when he first took office in January, CBS News stated that “ he has encouraged farmers, ranchers and loggers to clear land in the Amazon, speeding up the rate of deforestation.”

Considering that 20 percent of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon, it has raised concern to many people from all around the globe. It is vital in the fight against global warming due to its ability to absorb carbon from the air and People all over twitter have been outraged at the celebrities for not using their platform to help and When Notre Dame burned down, over a billion dollars was donated by numerous companies, but when it came to saving the Amazon, which we depend on for oxygen, those companies and the media are suddenly quiet. Multiple A-list celebrities have tweeted, “ pray for the Amazon”, but the reality is that its not helping nor is it making a difference. 

The fires will only get worse before they get better, unless someone is done to hinder their fires, there isn’t much to do except spread awareness.