The trend of ripped jeans


Byron Rios, Junior

One trend that I’ll never understand is why anyone would rather buy a more expensive pair of ripped jeans than a normal pair of jeans that are not ripped.

It’s basically buying a shirt or sweater that has a giant hole in it. Pants are made to protect the body, not to leave any openings. Several students do not feel this way about this popular style.

Many disagree with me, liking the style as long as the rips are strategically placed. Jocelyn Escobar, a Junior, asserts: “I think they are nice looking but there’s a point at which if the ripped portion is just too big, it just looks ridiculous.” 

Benito Gonzales, also a Junior, also has the same philosophy: “The design matters a lot to me, if the the ripped design is just located in an awkward place or is a useless ripped placement, then I’m not interested.”

 Nestor Mandujano brings up another point about the trend being appropriate in some settings: “You have to take into consideration the time and place in which you are going to wear them. That in my opinion is when things get ridiculous, other than that its they’re pretty nice.”