Presidential Elections 2020


Keith Stahl, Senior

It’s 2019 and the year is wrapping up fast, soon Nogales seniors, 18 and up, will be given the opportunity to vote for a potential 2020 presidential candidate. Voting is important for shaping the future of the United States. 

We decided to ask some students if given the opportunity to vote, what would be their presidential choice and what issues they’re interested in. 

After polling over 200 students comprised of ninth through twelfth graders, Bernie Sanders won with an overwhelming 56.2% , Joe Biden came in second with 15,3%, and rounding out third was Kamala Harris with 13.9%. Elizabeth Warren had 7.6%, Cory Booker, unfortunately, had 3.3%. Some students wrote in their own candidates they want to support such as Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro and Tulsi Gabbard. 

Students who weren’t informed about current politics voted for Bernie Sanders because they heard about him the most in the news or from Youtube interviews. Regardless, students like Eileen Abarca think strongly of him: “He’s a strong believer in free health care for all and all students or upcoming undergraduates, who are attending college, should not have to worry about student loan debt”. 

Other students are interested in a potential female candidate like Kamala Harris: “I choose Kamala Harris because her ideals speak about what she’s passionate about, but she also cares about the people,” explained Sara Posadas. 

Regarding current issues, there was a diverse response of replies regarding different issues in this poll. However, immigration was the most selected problem students were concerned about. 

Sofia Moreno would vote for Elizabeth Warren saying “She’s a liberal woman who cares about lower-class people. I know she will help with climate change, education, and accept immigrants.” Elizabeth Warren is one of the candidates who support a Green New Deal drafted by representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, addressing the issue of climate change and unemployment. 

The polls given at Nogales showed many students who want to change problems in the world that aren’t being addressed. If you are 18, it is advised that you register and vote regardless of the candidate you choose. Your vote and voice matters.